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New Book Inspirational Quotes: http://InspirationalQuoteBook.com/launch Social Media Findings to Inspire and Motibate, by Shane Belceto CPC now on Amazon. Get your copy today.

An inspirational collection of quotes along with commentary from the author Shane, combined with suggested action steps and room to keep your own thoughts and reflections. Also makes a great gift to inspire others with quotes and motivational ideas.

Buy Now from Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1467953849 Enjoy!

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What others are saying ...

"What Shane has compiled in this book is truly inspiring and heart-warming. Not only has he gathered some of the best motivational quotes posted on Social Media, he shares his keen insight and offers actionable steps, so the reader can bring that quote to life.This is a must-have book for any success library. Thank you Shane."

~ Beth Heilman: http://BethHeilman.com

"What I love about Shane is that he is on this planet to inspire others, and he walks his talk. He acts on his own inspirations as the creation of this book attests. Choose to dream, imagine, and act on the brilliance and encouragement you will find within these pages."

~ Melissa Wadsworth: Certified Dream Coach®, Inspirational Speaker & Author - ww.melissawadsworth.com

"This book is full of some of the world's brilliant minds and some not yet known. What do they all have in common? They offer simple explanations and statements of inspiration about life experiences. Sometimes simple is best, and less is more! Thank you for the opportunity of enriching my day by introducing me to this wonderful inspiring collection of great quotes."

~ Doug Illman: Director of Operations CrocTalk Conservation - www.croctalk.com

"Shane is giving of himself again, creating new relationships with his book, Inspirational Quotes: Social Media Findings To Inspire and Motivate. Presenting meaningful quotes which were shared online by others, Shane then provides his own commentary and action steps which guide you to your own personal understanding of each quote. Thank you, Shane, for the wonderful gifts you share with us all!"

~Dora E. H. Crow: Author and Illustrator - www.winkyandwonder.com

"More than a quote book, these wise words Shane has gathered will guide you towards your dreams. Keep this nearby to inspire and motivate yourself towards where you are going in life."

~Chris Widener: Internationally known leadership expert and author of the Art of Influence and the Leadership Rules - www.chriswidener.com

"This book is a wonderful idea, and I have no hesitation in endorsing it. I am overwhelmed that you chose one of my favorite quotes to be included when there are so many thousands to choose from. Thank YOU Shane for being such a positive person in this world and for sharing yourself with others."

~Roy Aylmer: http://How2HelpYourself.com


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