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How this book will be helpful to others

I feel part of life is helping others and a part of that help includes money, so that organizations can also continue to help others. A habit I have created is to have a dedicated portion of each of my products going to charity to both make it easier for myself and so that others know how they too will be helping in a little way, with the purchase of the products.

For example, with this book 25 cents may not seem like much, but this amount is in addition to my own personal goal giving and, when you do the math, it can add up quite rapidly. Every little bit counts and even the purchase of one book can change lives. Plus, I have HUGE goals for this book and will do what I can to help others with it. In turn, I will be able to help more from the proceeds too. For example. after 10 books are sold, 25 cents each adds up to $2.50 more than the average days wage in Haiti, where I just went last October, and know there is still a huge need for support. Recovery efforts will continue for years still. One person could buy these 10 books for friends, family and coworkers and make a difference for a family with that couple bucks. Then you look at 100 books, say simply 10 people buying those 10 and there is now $25 raised. This 25 bucks can feed a group of about 40 to 60 homeless teens in Seattle or purchase some much needed items for a shelter. Again, you can see the math adding up quickly with just 10 people. Like I said though, I have big goals and dreams for this book so think of 1000 books ... now $250 worth of quarters raised to help others. A thousand books could easily be done by one company wanting to have books for each of their employees or to give as a bonus gift to clients. Even one person aggressively sharing the Inspirational Quote Book with their contacts on the web, with social media and email etc., $250 can do a ton of good in so many ways, in so many programs. Even such things like feed a group of teens for 4 days while they spend time cleaning up a national park, it can help a family who is about to get their power turned off, or it can directly help an orphanage in Mexico, Congo, or down the street from you.

As you can see, the numbers can grow quickly and do a lot of different things for others in the world and our local areas. Many times too, in the charities I choose, I will be a part of the program for a bit, giving of my time along with the funds you have helped to add to my efforts and energy.

Again, I have HUGE goals for this book, so lets look at the numbers I have in mind and show how you can be a part of the process. Keep in mind, the 25 cents from each new book printed, even when purchased at wholesale, prices will add up. The numbers already shown. Each time that happens, it adds to the whole of it all and wonderful things occur. First 10,000 books equals $2,500, yes that has a comma in it and just think of the ways. These kinds of funds can help a Relay For Life team make a difference for cancer research, is about what it took for each of us to go to Haiti where the money was not only used for the construction project but also hired several local people for the week, paying them each day for their labor, enabling them to help rebuild but also feed their families. I have seen this much make a big difference in the lives of people experiencing homelessness in the Seattle area, by providing the funds for about 125 hygiene kits w hich had essential items they could use such as food, encouragement, soaps, deodorant and more. Places like Children's Hospital, which my first publication supports, can add money to a much needed surgery or house a family in town while their child gets care, and so much more.

One of my major goals though, and I can really use your help with this one, is 100,000 books in the first 90 days from the official book launch in March 2012. Doing this with your support, energy and spreading the word about this new book, will help others as they get it and in turn helps even more. It will raise $25,000! YES all those quarters at 25 cents from each new book, will raise $25K from 100,000 books. From this, I wish to directly impact a few great organizations, teens, lives, and families, in different parts of the world rather then just one.

First off, having chaperoned the last many years of a local churches youth mission trips to places like MT, KY, and WA, I would like to further help them financially with this years' trip to Portland. The trip will be to help people experiencing homelessness now in today's tough times and I will also be helping with their plans for their trip to Mexico summer 2013, to work and support an orphanage there. These funds will not only change the lives of those they will be supporting and come in contact with before, during and after their mission trips, but will also highly change their lives as teens for good and for ever as well, from what I have experienced over the years.

I also wish to continue to support Haiti in their rebuilding efforts from the devastating earthquake that forever changed their region and will still take years of funds and energy to make a difference. The main thing I brought home from being there was the amazing strength and ability they, as a people, have to get back up and move forward. The people and especially the children of that area, touched me inside forever and I wish to continue helping that region as best I can. Keep in mind, these funds raised are not so I can visit tropical paradises of the world and travel on your dime, well quarter in this case :). This $25,000 and beyond will be on top of my own fund raising efforts and money. I will always do my part to work hard and do what is needed to make a difference. Yes, some of this money will help those who may not have the funds but are willing to do the work experience, such things as a mission trip to Haiti, especially teens that can use support. I know assistance financially for me in the past are what helped me change lives directly and now I wish to help others do the same. Our team of 10 each raised or donated just under $2000 each to have a successful mission trip to Haiti, where we were able to hire many local people, purchased needed building materials, and so much more. So as you can see, $25K could fully sponsor both the youth mission trip to Portland and a team of 10 to Haiti and make a big difference in several regions.

Additionally, I would like to further help here locally with a great company Teen Feed, out of the Seattle area, who feeds, on average, 50+ teens each and every day who are experiencing homelessness. This is a super tough place to be and Teen Feed provides a lot more then just food for the belly. Each and every 25 cents makes a difference in a little way and, as you can see. I trust adds up when we each do what we can.

No matter what, I thank YOU for your support, energy and encouragement. Any way you see fit please do feel free to share about this book or how I plan to help others. I am also here for you, so please feel free to connect with me directly. Have a beautiful day and I trust you understand where I am coming from with these plans and Thank YOU! HUGS

Please do buy your copy of Inspirational Quotes:: to support these dreams of mine, or even consider more than one to share with others. I trust you will find value in it and the pages will provide support for you and your life. From here I will head towards that goal of 1 Million copies printed and an amazing $250,000 going to charity from one great book =)

~Expect Miracles
Shane Belceto CPC



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